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Are You Feeding Your Dog Quality Food?

Vitamins and minerals are essential to a healthy diet, not only for humans, but for our dogs too. Are you feeding your dog quality food? How does a pet owner decide which food on the market is best for their beloved dog? In addition to vitamins and minerals, dogs require the proper intake of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and water in their daily diets. Just as human beings benefit from eating healthy foods, dogs will be healthier and more active if they are eating a quality dog food containing everything they need.

Luckily, there are several top-notch commercial dog foods on the market today from which to choose. Look for a quality food that is nutritionally complete; meaning that it will provide a balanced diet for your dog. If you are unsure of which dog food is high quality, your veterinarian is sure to have a few recommendations. The least expensive dog food, while still being healthy, is dry food or kibble, which is nutritionally balanced and it will help to keep your dogs' gums and teeth in good shape. Many pet owners supplement their dog's dry food with a canned, wet food, but if the dry kibble is of good quality, it should be sufficient.

There isn't any proof as of yet that organic dog food is any better than the high quality commercial brands, but if cost isn't a concern and you feel better about it, that is another avenue.

As you look for a dog food for your pet, make sure to read the labels on the bags and understand what it is your pet requires in his diet. Some dog foods use preservatives that are unhealthy, so be on the watch for those as you read the list of ingredients.

Your dog's age may determine which food you choose too. Puppies obviously have a different set of needs than middle-aged or mature dogs. Puppies are growing, so they require a higher level of calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D with protein that is easily digested. As an adult dog, a few vegetables now and then (no more than 10% of their diet), would be beneficial since they contain fiber and vitamins and dogs typically love them. A senior dog will have more of a restricted diet, but still needs protein that absorbs easily, a good level of carbohydrate for energy and possibly a small amount of glucosamine to help with joint function. Get a quality dog food that meets them where they are nutritionally and they'll be healthier for it
The healthier your dog is, the less money you'll give your veterinarian each year. If your pet gets the vitamins, minerals and other content he needs from a good dog food, the only time you'll need to see the veterinarian is for yearly check ups and necessary shots.

Overall, do your research and get recommendations from other pet owners and your veterinarian, and choosing a high quality dog food won't seem like such a difficult task. By giving your dog the food that is best for him, you are helping him to live longer and be healthier all the way around.


Home Made Dog Treats

You have a dog and you want it to be as happier as possible. For that reason you have bough him the best collar, the best dog bed, use the services of the best vet in your area, spend a lot of time with him playing and teaching him to new tricks. Of course you buy him the best dog food.

However have you ever wondered that, similar to humans, dogs love to eat not only because they are hungry but because they enjoy it. For that reason not only the quality of food is important but its taste. If you want to spoil your dog from time to time with tasty dog treats, read on to find out some of the best home made dog treats.

You can prepare dog bites and give them some anytime you want to reward your dog for doing something correctly. Dogs love cheese and it is important for their health because of its components. Prepare cheesy bites using a cup of flour, some cheese, butter and half a cup of milk. Mix the ingredients together to make the dough, than roll it our and cut it into shapes. Bake them for 15 minutes and you are ready.

Another easy and healthy recipe for tasty dog treats is the vegetable bones recipe. Unlike cats, dogs love vegetables. Get some parsley, chopped carrots, cheese and olive oil, mix them with flour and baking powder and add some water. Roll the dough and cut shapes than bake for half and hour. This will give you hard biscuits that your dog will love. The recipe is very useful if you have a growing puppy as he can use the biscuits to massage his aching growing teethes.

Finally a dog treat recipe good for both of you. As a dog owner you know that your dog's breath is not one of his strong sides. Usually dogs have bad breath. Now you can fight it with a tasty dog treat. All you need is some rice flour, one tablespoon of deactivated charcoal (you can buy it from any drugstore), three tablespoons canola oil, an egg, half a cup chopped fresh mint, and the same quantity chopped fresh parsley and a cup of milk. Mix these ingredients, get a teaspoon and make drops over an oily baking sheet. Then bake for 15 minutes. Give your dog some of these treats and you will soon feel the great advantage for his breath.


Feeding Rabbits - Important Tips To Help You Give The Right Food

Rabbits like to often chew on something. They chew on cage bars; they chew on rugs, broom and even on hair! They do this even after they are fed. This could be interpreted as animal pica, the behavior of eating inedible stuff. It could be indicative of something serious or not. But no matter what it is, feeding rabbits must not be taken for granted. Letting your bunny loose to eat anything it wants is a sure way to kill it.

Don't think that it's easy to feed rabbits. They are actually more sensitive in what you give them. You might also be thinking that all vegetables and all fruits are good for them but you're wrong. They are not that predictable. Feeding rabbits can be more complicated than just tossing them a bowl of your left-over salad for munching on. Be wise about choosing the food you give to your bunny. What you should not give are such as lettuce, cabbage, parsnips, swedes, potato tops, tomato leaves, too much rabbit pellets and certain plants that can be found in your garden (best not to let your rabbit loose then). Never give your bunny sweets and junk food, too.

All vegetables mentioned can give serious problems to your rabbit. They can either cause diarrhea or gas to your bunny. Some are too high in calcium that's unhealthy for the rabbit. They can die from bloating. So be careful on what you give them. If you are busy during the entire day, put you pet rabbit in a cage or hutch. Don't let it loiter around the house because they literally eat anything! Not only because you're worried about your rug or blankets but also because you should be worried about your bunny.

It must be kept healthy. Feeding rabbits sure is tough. Now you know why you can't simply tell your bunny to help itself to the leftover salad. There are other vegetables and fruits you can give to your rabbit as treats: apples, carrots, and banana. Don't let rabbit pellets become the bulk of its diet. You wouldn't want to eat cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner would you? So alternate its diet by giving it fresh foods.

Raising rabbits should not be difficult for you. You can already memorize the vegetables you should not give your pet bunny. Keep your pet rabbit healthy and happy by giving it the right food for its growth. Believe me, if you do this you'll have a very healthy and happy bunny that'll love you.


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